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Michael McGinnis

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The Great Awakening Starts Here

Thanks for visiting my webpage. I have only one mission in my life, and that is to help wake up the world. A big task?

Yes, but now that you’re on board we’re one step closer.


Check out my books; printed, digital, and audio, as well as my merchandise.

There’s some videos here too, because I love to speak about this stuff,

and more is coming.

First things first, become an Agent of Change!



New release from

The Essential Revolution Series

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Are you ready to join the revolution, one that will not only change the World but transform your own life experience?


The Essential Revolution Series by Michael McGinnis are transformative tales that will not only leave you questioning how you perceive the issues in your life but the ones the whole World is facing right now.

The Essential Revolution Series delves into the depths of inner transformation, taking readers on a soul-searching journey through the grim housing projects of the ghetto to the highest seats of government power and everything in between.

Throughout the story, you'll encounter several compelling characters like the mysterious Ana, an old indigenous woman who’s always one step ahead, guiding Dimitri to prevail over the powers-that-be, who will stop at nothing to prevent the revolution from spreading.


With themes of friendship, struggle, and the fight against evil, The Essential Revolution Series is a timely, thought-provoking, and inspiring read that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to change your own life and the world around you.


''In a world that often feels divided and disconnected, The Invitation offers a message of hope and unity. It reminds us that we are all connected and that our choices and actions have a ripple effect that can transform the world around us. Through the author's own personal journey, we are inspired to explore our potential and take meaningful steps towards a more just, sustainable, and fulfilling future.''

 - Chris Begg

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“When you recreate another through your perception of them you recreate not only yourself, but all people of the World.”





Discover the book series that's changing the world

The Essential Revolution series takes us on a pilgrimage away from the prison of our minds and towards the promised land of individual sovereignty, with nothing but the rusty compass of wisdom to guide the way.

   ''Every time I sit down to read this book, I become a better person.''

​        -Monica Mosapour

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