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Book 2: The Invitation

Dimitri, Marcus, and Zach are out of Carlton State Penitentiary, and just in time, as the world nears its most desperate state. Using psychological warfare, the “powers that be” have turned the world upside down, inadvertently pushing the masses to question what’s really going on behind the curtain of Oz.


Through Zach's revolutionary technology as the delivery instrument, along with Marcus’ newfound creativity as the catalyst, Dimitri will answer that question and more, as he divulges his plan to save the world.


Under the watchful eye of ex-CIA operative Stan and his colorful adversary Coco, our story begins in the Markland’s Malibu Beach House, where the unexpected cast of characters find themselves at the precipice of the essential revolution.


But what about Zach’s twin sister, Tess, the unpredictable, power-hungry socialite turned financial partner? Whose side is she really on? And their father, Terrance Markland, one of the richest men in the world … Will he seek to spite his only son?

Join the team for another crusade as they strive to usher in a new earth while preparing to confront their fiercest resistance to date. Those who have the money, the influence, and the ear of the incognizant will fight to maintain their dominance over humanity.


It's a soul call, not a roll call, and only those who are ready will step up and join forces with the Agents of Change. It's the battle of love vs. evil—the big showdown, a hero's journey, where you’re invited to be the hero.

But more than anything, it's what we came here for, during this most critical stage of human history—to accept the Invitation.

Book 1: The Essential Revolution


The voice of the awakened warrior will be heard by all, and he will be known as The One. For Marcus Ogabi, policing is life, though life hasn’t been that great lately. While on a call, he ends up shooting a young man, Dimitri Tanomeo, in the roughest part of town.


What he never imagined was that this poor, mute, street kid could change his life, and maybe even the world. Over time, Marcus ends up joining Dimitri and Zach Markland, a technological wunderkind and son of one of the world’s richest men, as they spread a new consciousness jump-starting a dynamic global revolution.But what about the mysterious old indigenous woman, Ana, who always seems to be one step ahead?


And who’s behind the curtain pulling the strings of the so-called leaders, focused on controlling the world, as they stop at nothing to prevent Dimtri from helping free every soul on the planet?From the grim housing projects in the ghetto, to the seats of governmental power, through the depths of prison life to affluent Malibu mansions, The Essential Revolution takes the reader on a journey of inner evolution, friendship, and the struggle with evil.

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La Revolución Esencial 

Libro 1: 


La Revolución Esencial, de Michael McGinnis, es un relato transformador que no sólo te hará cuestionar cómo percibes tus propios problemas, sino también los que el mundo entero está enfrentando en la actualidad.

Sigue la historia de Marcus Ogabi, un policía cuya vida queda de cabeza cuando le dispara a un joven, Dimitri Tanomeo, en el barrio más peligroso de la ciudad, conocido como “la Fosa”. Ogabi nunca se imaginó que ese encuentro lo llevaría a unir fuerzas con el genio de la tecnología Zach Markland y con el mismísimo Dimitri para empezar un movimiento que cambiaría la trayectoria de la humanidad.

Pero esta no es una revolución cualquiera. De hecho, La Revolución Esencial se sumerge en la transformación interna y guía a los lectores hacia una búsqueda del alma, desde los lúgubres barrios bajos hasta los altos mandos del gobierno, pasando por todo lo que hay en medio.

A lo largo de la historia, encontrarás personajes cautivadores como la misteriosa Ana, una anciana indígena que siempre va un paso por delante de los demás y que guía a Dimitri para que triunfe frente a las autoridades que harán hasta lo imposible con tal de impedir que su revolución cobre fuerza.

Gracias a temas como la amistad, las dificultades y la lucha contra el mal, La Revolución Esencial es una lectura oportuna e inspiradora que te hará reflexionar, te mostrará tu propio poder y te preparará para cambiar tu vida y el mundo que te rodea.

No te pierdas esta obra maestra que estremecerá tu forma de ver el mundo y te dejará con ganas de más.

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