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In his latest book, The Essential Revolution, Michael McGinnis gives us an inspiring story that reveals the possibility of human awakening. In a world filled with hatred, violence and hurt, The Essential Revolution is here to invite anyone who reads it to learn how to live life with love, compassion and peace.


Marcus Ogabi is a black American cop going through a divorce and financial problems.

In a tragic event that will change his life forever he meets Dimitri Tanomeo, a young adult that despite growing up in some terrible circumstances seems to have a secret knowledge, one that he wants to share with the entire world so humans can finally evolve and reach a new reality, one filled with truth and love. Through what Marcus experiences throughout the novel, the reader is shown the teachings of Dimitri. The same teachings that change the characters' lives for the better are available to each reader to change their lives as well. Most of the story develops inside of a prison. It is there that Dimitri Tanomeo will start his spiritual revolution as he tries to change the perspective and attitude of each of the inmates, an act that will be recognized to be the greatest rehabilitation experiment ever.


Human awakening is possible, and in this book you have the chance to learn how to achieve it.

I truly enjoyed the way the author shared all of the problems that humans around the world are currently having, showing, at the same time, what are the steps that the collective need to make to finally get rid of them once and for all and find healing. Spirituality and its importance in everyday human life are explored, giving us, the readers, the chance to learn more about what we need to do to live more spiritual lives and why we should do it.


The characters that McGinnis created are endearing and easy to connect with from the very beginning. They portray struggles that we all have to deal with as humans regardless of our different circumstances and upbringing. The story is gripping, feels very real and will probably resonate with a lot of people. Prepare to be challenged to change your life for the better and to question everything. Leave fear behind and learn to do what is right with this book, change is in your hands.

As fiction meets reality, I was able to learn more about myself through this story, and will surely apply many of its teachings in my life. The Essential Revolution is a story that showcases the importance of love, compassion and forgiveness, and encourages everyone to live authentically. This is your invitation for awakening, so get ready to be the change you want to see in the world.


In a world that often feels divided and disconnected, The Invitation offers a message of hope and unity. It reminds us that we are all connected and that our choices and actions have a ripple effect that can transform the world around us. Through the author's own personal journey, we are inspired to explore our potential and take meaningful steps towards a more just, sustainable, and fulfilling future.


This book is Transformational Fiction at its best. For nearly 2 decades I've been supporting people in creating transformations in their lives and I greatly appreciate how many of the lessons available within this book provide people with an accessible way to acknowledge and then accept their inherent power.


The author did an incredible job of providing different perspectives from key characters so that the reader can appreciate how each individual has their own journey and is experiencing their own insights and growth around the events of their life. This storyline, and the underlying message of hope that it provides, has never been more timely and with everything going on in the world today the fully embodied Unity and Love that it calls for are truly ESSENTIAL as the title pays homage to. While this book is wildly entertaining and will draw you into the story, it's also a direct opportunity for growth, introspection and can become a catalyst for transformation if you allow it to.

I am incredibly excited about where this story goes next and it certainly has provided me with a very direct invitation to commit even more wholeheartedly to being an Agent of Change on an even grander scale in my own life. Pick up a your mind, open your heart and enjoy the process of diving into the transformation that's available to you within these pages.


Reading this is like being transported to a different reality, then being shown how to create it as your own. A new paradigm of inspiration and possibilities is vividly painted through the enrapturing story in this page turner, and simultaneously unlocks deep/complex truths in ways anyone can understand.


Truly genius. A work that could shift the planet if it got in enough hands... I normally like having a few books going at once - spiritual, fantasy, history etc. This is like having all of them crammed into one book. My "must read" of the year.



“The book is so powerful I had to put it down. While following the transformation of the story’s characters, it somehow activated the same changes within me. I was eventually able to come back to it after processing some deep feelings and continued on.


The book represents the deep truth around awakening and what’s possible for us when we choose our highest path.” 


Author Michael McGinnis straddles the line between the integration of truths in his new book, The Essential Revolution. As the reader takes their own journey through the eyes of each of the book’s characters, bridges are built from hot, polarizing, triggering drama to deep existential truths.


No issue is left untouched, from social justice, through conservative and religious dogma, and out the other side of conspiracy theory. The story weaves a message that challenges every incongruent measuring stick, sacred cow, and sob story until the reader’s personal viewpoints are disrobed and stand naked in revelation.


Rarely does an author manage to combine a captivating literary style with a fast-paced intricate storyline containing a liberal dose of universal truths and gems of wisdom. While reading The Essential Revolution, it felt like I was spending time with Eckhart Tolle, Perry Mason, Neale Donald Walsch, Carlos Castaneda, Yogananda ... all my favorite teachers, including one of my favorite (new) authors: Michael McGinnis.


A seminal work of fiction that offers readers a clearly defined up-to-date portrait of the condition of the world with an added bonus: Answers. Solutions. Blueprints to survival. Pathways to escape environmental and social destruction. Meet Dimitri, the new Michael Valentine Smith, who outshines them all (and doesn’t need to sit on the bottom of the pool to do it). The Essential Revolution is an essential read.


My wife and I were both immediately grabbed by the book and got lost in the deeper message it held. We started each day by reading a chapter together and then talking in depth about what it told us individually.


This book ultimately helped us heal our own wounds and insecurities that were enmeshed within our relationship, bringing us closer together. It offered us another way to look at this crazy matrix we all call life.


Every time I sit down to read this book, I become a better person.


New author Michael McGinnis does a superb job of hiding the spinach in the mashed potatoes, so to speak.


Transmuting an array of normally heavy esoteric truths into a fast-paced adventure, he delivers a message the world needs to hear.


In this page-turning novel, it is clear that Michael McGinnis is channeling something unspeakable. This book is a service to humanity and the planet.


We are currently at a critical juncture, and we can either choose to evolve into unity consciousness or continue down a destructive path. McGinnis is giving us a roadmap to do the former.

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